This Republican All the time Exhibits Up. That Might Not Be Sufficient This Fall.

This Republican All the time Exhibits Up. That Might Not Be Sufficient This Fall.

In her primary, Ms. Wexton was actually seen as the favored candidate of her party’s establishment.

“While Barbara Comstock was on K Street working for extremist Republicans, I was working as a local prosecutor protecting families and children, and serving my community,” Ms. Wexton said in an email. “During my four years in the State Senate, I’ve passed over 40 bipartisan pieces of legislation, and helped expand Medicaid to provide health care to over 300,000 Virginians. The people of Northern Virginia know that I can get results and are tired of Comstock showing up for photo opportunities but never having their backs in Congress.”

At the mosque, Mr. Marrow said Ms. Comstock and her office had provided excellent constituent service, notably on the issue of immigration, and that congregants appreciated her consistent presence at major events. “She has really reached out and tried to provide constituent service to anyone who needs it,” Mr. Marrow said. “Her staff has been extremely good making sure people don’t feel they are in any way not welcome in her office.”

Still, he said, many Muslims and other minority voters in the district may not have her name in mind when they cast ballots in November. Voters seem exceptionally engaged, he said, measuring their intensity by the increasing numbers who stay after Friday prayers to listen to candidates. When they cast ballots, Mr. Trump may be the politician they have in mind.

Other Comstock supporters hold fast to the belief that she can hold on. “She’s going to be one of the very few Republicans that will make it out of November despite the anti-G.O.P. national wave,” said David Ramadan, a Republican who served with Ms. Comstock in the Virginia legislature. “She will survive because of the relationships she built with minority constituencies in the district, Indians, Muslims, Koreans.”

Rajesh Gooty, a leader in the area’s Hindu community, said Ms. Comstock had a durable popularity among some Indian-Americans, and several have held fund-raisers for her. “She is a good listener and at festive events like Diwali, fully engages with the Hindu faith members and delivers appropriate messages,” Mr. Gooty said. Ms. Comstock, he said, is “here to stay.”

But others believe Ms. Comstock’s reach among minority voters has its limits.

“For the Korean-American events, sometimes, she will come and she usually has a canned statement,” said Grace Wolf Cunningham, a Democrat and Korean-American on the Herndon Town Council. “I think that she is very good at making that token show of support for the community, but personally, I haven’t seen her show any substance.”

“Maybe for some people, showing is good enough,” she said. “People are wising up.”

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